The Big Steam (CRAP NOIR Extra)

June 14, 2020
The Big Steam (CRAP NOIR Extra)
Show Notes Transcript

The Big Steam on Route 12 -- What can we brew for you?

*Amateur jazzy music plays* 0:00

JIM JAM 0:04

Hi, I'm Jim, one of the managers at The Big Steam. We know how much the people of Central Jersey love their diners, so we're expanding our menu.


(In background)


JIM JAM 0:13

Not only are we still serving up our beloved beverages, but we now offer a range of fresh salads and sandwiches — from the Cajun Chop, featuring local grown produce from the Olsen Farm, to the classic Chicken Bacon Ranch  so many know and love. With so many new options, we know you'll enjoy your time here even more.


As a new customer, I appreciate the friendly service and can-do attitude found among the staff at The Big Steam. Whether I order a coffee, a sandwich, or both on my super busy days, heh, they always get my order to me quickly and correctly. How's that for service?!

BETH 0:47
(Slurping hot chocolate)

Yeah, it's ok, I guess. Great windows for when you think you might slip into an existential crisis. Though one of the baristas (baristros?) can be a real pain in the— 


And we also offer order-ahead on our website for when you need to grab and go. See our ad in the Value flier for $1 off our coffee of the month: Columbian cold brew. The Big Steam on Rt. 12 — What can we brew for you?